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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Explore the amazing and fascinating world of great space experiences and let the scientist in you feed over this fruitful knowledge and entertainment at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.. Go diving into all the magical and breath taking attractions that will make you forget the material world around you and you will more than love these wonderful space encounters. Take a view of the great technologies that brought us at the top.


Atlantis-Opening July 2013
“Atlantis- Celebrate the journey event” is soon to roll over to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and be open for the display on November.02.2012.

Shuttle Launch Experience

Experience the real sensations, sounds and views of a space shuttle’s rush to Earth’s orbit at this Shuttle Launch Simulation Facility and feel the realistic environment with the sound and light effects with brilliant video screens.

Kennedy Space Center Tours

Take a NASA bus and tour the different locations with amazing wonders waiting at each point.
KSC up Close: The Launch Pad Tour
Enjoy a close view of the Launch Pad 39-A, a 350 foot high fixed service structure, Launch Pad 39-B, the vehicle assembly building, mobile launch platforms, and Apollo /Saturn V Center.

KSC up close: The launch Control Center Tour

Get to know about the Firing Room 4, from which most of the shuttle launches were controlled with computer consoles, large video monitors the main countdown clock. Take a view of the “Bubble Room” from where the scientists viewed all the proceedings.

KSC up Close: The Vehicle Assembly Building Tour

Now, get ready to view closely the insides if the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Transfer Aisle used to move rocket elements.

Cape Canaveral: Then And Now Tour

Explore the launch of America’s first satellite at the Air Force Space & Missile Museum and know more about today’s active rocket program.

IMAX Space Films

Take a feel of “On Mission” with dramatic presentation of the footage shot by NASA astronauts at two giant IMAX Theaters with all 3-D special effects.
Current IMAX Space Films
Hubble 3-D and Space Station 3-D.

Astronaut Encounter: Meet Famous Astronauts

Snatch the rare opportunity to talk and discuss anything and everything about space with the veteran astronauts from NASA’s famous Astronaut Corps.

Astronaut Blog

Learn more about the astronaut’s experiences and thoughts in the Astronaut Blog with other resident encounter astronauts.

Ask an Astronaut

Feel free to ask your desired queries about human space flight by the facility of email before or after your visit.

Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted

Go ahead to experience the future aspects of the technology with exciting possibilities of exploration and discoveries. Feed your curiosity with live theater, interactive experiences and large scale multimedia presentations.

United States Astronaut Hall Of Fame

Embrace the heroic exhibits of the famous astronauts who first stepped onto the space frontiers and live yourself their experiences, sights and sounds, lived by them. Celebrate the accomplishments of our great astronauts with tributes, exhibits and displays.

Science On A Sphere

Get spell bound and captivated with the Science on a Sphere experience which will let you see the earth and other planets from the space. It provides the three dimensional presentation of all planets and a chance to study the space technology aiding in meteorological sciences such as hurricane prediction and global weather trends.

NASA Rockets: The Rocket Garden

Come and endure the great rockets which first took the astronauts into the space and brought them fame. All the lighting effects bring the rockets like Redstone, Atlas and Titan, to life and let you feel the on board experience.

Apollo/ Saturn V Center

Grab the memories of the Lunar soil at Apollo/ Saturn V Center when the first single man stepped onto moon’s surface.

Apollo Treasures Gallery

This exhibit displays the rare collection of spacesuits and spacesuit repair kit and much more from the Apollo Moon Missions.

The Attractions do not end here when you come across KSC Tour: LC 39 Observation Gantry, Astronaut Memorial, Children’s Play Dome, Early Space Exploration, Eye On the Universe: The Hubble Space Telescope, and many Special Programs like Guided Tours, Lunch with an Astronaut, Commander’s Club Annual Pass Program, Astronaut Training Experience and many events that will take you into a vivid environment of the Space and its people all around you.

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